TODAY, Good Morning America, and more

As a former Contributing Editor to leading pregnancy and parenting brand, The Bump, I have appeared on national TV as a sought-after expert on all things baby and parenting. Watch my reel above!

PODCAST: How Was Your Run Today?  (1:15:00)  |  Episode 99: Lori Richmond Talks About #ViewFromMyRun Project

PODCAST: Mom Writes  (47:00)  |  Author/Illustrator/Supermom Lori Richmond

PODCAST: Your Creative Push  (42:12)  |  The View From Your Art with Lori Richmond

PODCAST: Dabblers vs. Doers with Dan Blank  (43:44)  |  "I saw this as a reinvestment in myself" with Lori Richmond

PODCAST: The Fabricant Way  (45:39)  |  Lori Richmond

PODCAST: Find My Thrive  (29:00)  |  Conversation with Children's Book Author & Illustrator Lori Richmond