PS 372 Wall of Bunny

After visiting with the 1st and 2nd graders at PS 372 in Brooklyn, the wonderful librarians created a WALL OF BUNNY! During my visit, the kids and I created collaborative drawings of new staycations for Bunny. As a follow-up, they created their very own adventures for Bunny. Maybe we'll see them in future books! Here's just a small selection of their magnificent work.


Author Visit to Goosehill Primary

I had such a FUN day doing three presentations to the kindergarteners and first graders at Goosehill Primary in New York. I was greeted by two walls filled with adorable book-inspired art made by the children. And, yes, that is a finger-leg on the crazy character the kinders designed! :-O

Photo courtesy of Goosehill Primary

Photo courtesy of Goosehill Primary

PAX AND BLUE Visit North Ridge Primary School

Today I hopped in my DeLorean, fired up the flux capacitor, and went back to 1987, the year I graduated from North Ridge Primary (then Elementary) School in Commack, NY. I met about 150 Kindergarteners throughout the day, and we read PAX AND BLUE and drew silly pictures together. It was so. much. fun.

Hamilton Park Montessori School Visit

Thank you to students and teachers at Hamilton Park Montessori School in Jersey City! I had the pleasure of spending the morning with all of their kindergarteners. We read A HOP IS UP and played my favorite drawing game -- I start with a prompt, and then the kids call out what we're going to add to our characters. The results are always super creative and funny!

A HOP IS UP Goes to Kindergarten

It was a super-fun dream come true to bring proofs of A HOP IS UP to my son's class for a visit! His gracious teachers let me take over the class for 45 minutes. We started out with a show of hands to see how many authors and illustrators are in the class... looks like a lot to me!

Holden, my trusty assistant, got to wear the special dog cap I made to match the book.

We shared a couple of easter eggs hidden in the book (shhh... don't tell anyone.)

Sometimes the pencil sketches can look different from the final art in the book. Holden is showing one of the sketches for this page, and I asked the kids to spot the differences!

Next up - doggie drawing demo. 

Then we got to work creating our very own dogs! It was inspiring to see what designs the kids came up with: yellow dogs, striped dogs, rainbow dogs, dogs with spots, dogs with names on their collars... SO fun!

While getting ready for a group photo, the kids showed off their adorable dogs for my friend and photographer Tory Williams and we all made our best doggie 'woof' sounds!

Remember to look for A HOP IS UP (by Kristy Dempsey and illustrated by me) in both hardcover and board book in stores September 13. You can also pre-order now!

Drawing Workshop: Graphic Notes

The first project I designed for my 4th and 5th grade drawing workshop was to create a set of graphic notes (or "visual notes") on a topic of the student's choice. But first we needed to do some idea collecting! We developed a tool kit of design elements by doodling arrows, lines, shapes, and type styles into little sketchbooks. Then, we sketched some iconography and words related to our chosen topic... 'favorite foods' and 'video games' were quite popular.  :)

We then combined our tool kit design elements with the topic sketches into an organized composition, focusing on details, scale, and communicating the information in a fun and visual way.

Finally, we colored in our pieces with bright marker to make them POP!  Every student's piece was very personal, and their individual voices really shined through. They did an amazing job!

Brooklyn school visit

Today I had the wonderful pleasure of sharing my book project at Open House Nursery School in Brooklyn! The kids laughed when I referred to myself as "Lori with a story." We talked about writing stories, making book dummies (this name also got some giggles) and what books look like before they are printed and go into libraries and bookstores. I also brought some coloring pages with my characters, and it was amazing to see the children add their own color. Thank you, Open House!