I hope readers enjoy this story about empathy and friendship. I’ve been asked a lot of questions about the book and the making of it! Here are answers to some of them:

1. Why is the book so purple?

I love the Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile books. The style, the limited colors, the city. It’s just so great! I especially love how Lyle is just this big, green, bold thing in each piece of art and he really stands out against everything else. Pax and Blue is sort of a modern version of that. I knew, from a design standpoint, that I did not want to use any realistic coloring for any of the characters or the environments. I wanted the main characters to come forward and for their surroundings to recede because the story is not about the city, but a moment between two friends. By blending the background people and scenes together in a wash of the same purple-gray color, it gives a sense of the surroundings, but visually blurs them so the reader can remain focused on the emotions between the two main characters.

Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile  by Bernard Waber

Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile by Bernard Waber

2. Did you name Pax after Angelina Jolie’s son? (Question courtesy of my mom)

One of Angelina’s children is named Pax, and I’m sure he is a lovely young man. But he was not the inspiration for the name. (Sorry, mom!) Because I like alliteration, the original title of the book was going to be “P___ and the Pigeon.” I knew I’d need a P name, preferably one syllable. I looked through a ton of baby name lists for inspiration, and saw that Pax means “peace.” Since the character is so calm and thoughtful, it seemed like the perfect name. Naming a picture book child is just as difficult as naming your human child.

3. Why is the book now called Pax and Blue?

My editor and I felt that using the two character names warmed it up and introduced Blue as special, and not just an ordinary pigeon.

4. Pax looks just like Cooper. Is he Cooper?

(Cooper is my older son.) Yes and no! There is definitely a physical resemblance between Cooper and Pax — the glasses give it away — but Pax’s personality is my younger son. This book is for both of my boys, so I put both of them into the character.

5. What will I find if I look under the jacket?

Gah! I LOVE my case cover and fancy spine! Paula Wiseman, my editor, was incredibly supportive of all the design details I wanted. She let me do this 3-piece binding with textured spine, which makes the book feel vintage. All these little things add to the production cost, so it’s not always easy to get them. The foil stamp was a bonus I was not expecting! Be still, my designer heart. 

Pax and Blue is available now at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and indie bookstores near you!